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The Overarching Goal of Inbound Marketing: Lead Capturing

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Now that you are educated about the basics of inbound marketing and your customer’s needs, it’s time to leverage this knowledge to convert potential customers, or leads, into sales. The first step in accomplishing this objective is to acquire a lead’s contact information so you can start developing that relationship. Essentially, every marketing effort you make from this point forward, all stem from the goal of lead capturing.

What is Lead Capturing?

Lead capturing is the process of having multiple places on your website where visitors can submit their contact information in exchange for information they are seeking. This is commonly achieved through a combination of contact forms, landing pages, and call-to-action buttons. The process of lead capturing is completed in 3 simple steps: collect, follow-up, and track. We will break down these steps further in the sections below.

Collect a Lead’s Contact Information

The first and most common form of lead capturing is by asking for basic information through the use of a contact form on a landing page. This can be as simple as a “Contact Us” page or a “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” form. More advanced methods include a white paper or eBook download page embedded with a contact form (sound familiar?)  Regardless of what method you use to collect lead information, it is important to note that the more information you ask for, the lower the conversion rate will be. We recommend starting with a name, email address, and comments as the required fields.

Following Up with the Lead

The next step in closing the deal is to follow-up with your leads. This is often done through automated follow-up messages using a strategic series of autoresponders. If you happen have the time, a personal email is even better. This step is simply a way to start the conversation with your lead and a way to develop a long-term relationship with customers.

Tracking Lead Capturing

Lastly, there’s the performance aspect of lead capturing. It doesn’t matter how outstanding you think your content or “free offer” is. Instead, it is how the content performs is always the most important element of any marketing campaign. Lead management systems will help interpret and keep track of how your landing pages and CTA buttons are performing to ensure that your efforts are heading in the right direction.

Not sure what a CTA is? Come back next week and we’ll break that down for you!





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