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The Best (Free) Marketing Plugin for WordPress and Why You Need It (Now)


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If you follow our blog then you’ve probably noticed we’ve spent the past couple of months focusing on the core processes behind inbound marketing and how our free marketing plugin for WordPress can help you quickly and easily complete these processes. We hope after reading these posts you feel confident and ready to rock your inbound marketing campaign!




Again, we created this plugin to save small business owners and marketers time and to simplify basic inbound marketing processes… All so you can spend your time creating content that matters for the people that matter— Your leads. After all, marketing your business is all about knowing your customer and using the right mediums and methods to communicate with them! Knowing your customer and establishing a brand that resonates with them is key in finding success in small business marketing. Blogs and social media are a great way to do this and create a voice for you and your brand. There are many tools out there that can make the marketing processes behind blogging and social media much easier and more efficient. One great tool is the Inbound Brew plugin for WordPress. Inbound Brew makes it easy to create custom landing pages, custom forms and call-to-action buttons that invite your customers to take action. You can also schedule and push your social media posts and utilize the built-in lead management system that gives you a comprehensive snapshot of your customers with the ability to import, export, and manage your leads. The Inbound Brew plugin for wordpress is a phenomenal tool for any small business owner to market their business in a simple and cost-effective way.


We sincerely hope you enjoy using our free Plugin and that it helps you find success in your small business endeavors. We consider it an honor to be even a small part of your business and marketing processes!



Whether you are seeking additional marketing tools or not, your marketing efforts need to be continually smarter than your competitors  because of the saturation of online businesses in every industry. Your inbound marketing strategies need to be sharp, personalized, current, unique, and above all, customer-focused. The real secret of smart marketing is always choosing to build all of your campaigns, content, and blog posts around what your customer wants. This, is turn, portrays you and your company less like a shark and more like a friend… And who doesn’t like supporting their friends? When a customer has to choose whether to give their money to a shark or their trusted friend, certainly, they’ll choose their friend (that’s you!)


As always, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or have a general question about our plugin or just marketing in general, give us a hollar… We’re here to help! 



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