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4 Reasons Why You Need to Become an IB Affiliate Now


Last week we introduced to you the brand spanking new Inbound Brew affiliate program for all you plugin-lovers out there. We designed this program to give our affiliates a recurring stream of passive income, read: more money, no work. 


We thought so! Below are the details of the affiliate program. Agencies, freelancers, bloggers, or just WordPress enthusiasts– We welcome anyone to join our tribe! 

Here are the details of our brand new premium plugin (available for download September 15th, 2017) and 4 reasons why we think you should join on our awesome-amazing-incredibly effortless affiliate program. 

Hint: It’s a no brainer. 

Inbound Brew PRO Affiliate Program

Inbound Brew PRO is full-featured marketing plugin for WordPress that offers premium SEO and content marketing tools… No marketing experience or expensive subscription required

Last year we released our free, full-featured marketing plugin for WordPress, Inbound Brew. Our freemium plugin was built with marketers and small business owners in mind and offers a variety of SEO and marketing tools from keyword management to custom forms, emails, CTA buttons, lead management, a social push tool, and more. We’ve received some fantastic feedback from our freemium plugin users and are now gearing up to release our paid version of plugin summer 2017. As we do so, we are seeking select agencies and individuals to partner with for our plugin affiliate program.

Inbound Brew PRO offers an affordable monthly subscription for the premium features including Google analytics and social media analytics integration, a top-bar CTA tool, advanced lead tracking, an automated drip campaign email tool, mass-email tool, and more. With the release of Inbound Brew PRO, we will also be launching the Inbound Brew Affiliate Program. Our affiliate program offers agencies a variety of benefits ranging from recurring revenue, a flexible program structure, the opportunity to provide more value and support to clients.

Inbound Brew Affiliate Benefits

  1. Ongoing Revenue

The basis of the Inbound Brew Affiliate Program is simple: Our affiliates resell Inbound Brew to their clients or alongside their marketing services. From there, our affiliates just sit back enjoy a generous commission of subscriptions sold, no extra work required. The more plugin subscriptions sold, the bigger the affiliate check!

2. A Flexible Program Structure

The flexibility of our affiliate program is designed to provide our partners with autonomy with options such as adding a “setup fee” or pitching alongside ongoing marketing services. We work with each of our affiliates on an individual basis to establish a structure that will integrate seamlessly into their working processes and objectives.

3. Added Value Proposition

Inbound Brew supports affiliates in providing a tremendous value proposition to their clients and is a natural way for agencies to reconnect with previous customers to propose a new solution. From custom top-bar CTA buttons, integrated analytics, automated drip email campaigns and more, Inbound Brew PRO makes it extremely easy for both beginners and seasoned experts to execute much smarter strategies, in much less time.

4. One Plugin Fits All

There are many plugins in the market today that do portions of what we do, but none of them do it all, nor with the level of ease or polish we’ve built into our software. We’ve spent over three years in development of this plugin, and it shows. Inbound Brew offers small business owners and marketers with premier marketing tools at a value that goes unmatched.

Join the Tribe. Accepting affiliates now.

Visit the link below to sign up today.


Become an Inbound Brew Affiliate

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