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The Basics: What is Inbound Marketing?



Hey all! Today on the Inbound Brew blog we are brewing up some basic marketing goodness for you! We know every small business owner turned marketer has to start somewhere. For all you newbies out there, today we are starting with square one!  

So what is inbound marketing exactly? By definition, inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that focus on bringing visitors in, as a way to get a potential customer’s attention. It stands in contrast to traditional outbound marketing methods that send out materials such as postcards, coupons, and brochures. The key principle of inbound marketing is that it earns the attention of customers through insightful, interesting, or useful content that strategically attracts both leads and search engines. In other words, say hello to new and organic website traffic!

When done correctly, the basic process of inbound marketing can make your company easily found and practically irresistible to prospective leads. By aligning the content you publish with a customer’s interests, you organically attract inbound traffic that you can then convert, close, and delight over time.

The key word here is “delight.” You want to create content and materials that will benefit, excite, and satisfy your customers. The goal of every marketing endeavor you undergo should be to provide your customer with a solution to a problem or need they’re currently facing.

Did that help clear things up a bit? In our next blog post, we’ll let’s break down this basic process of inbound marketing a little further. Stay tuned!


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