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The 7 Most Common Blogging Mistakes


Did you know? Over 90% of all small business blogs fail.

Say whaaat?

Yep–  It’s true (not to mention incredibly discouraging!) So at this point you’re probably asking yourself why. Why do small business blogs fail? The truth is, blogging takes a lot of hard work, consistency, and patience. That being said, there are a few things (eight things, to be specific) that many small business owners tend to do wrong when it comes to blogging, and here they are…

The 8 most common blogging mistakes:

 1. Lack of Patience

Maybe you’re frustrated that you announced your blog and you’re getting little to no traffic. Or maybe you’re just straight up sick of writing. In any circumstance, blogging requires patience. Give it some time. Come up with a regular and realistic posting schedule and stick to it. Simply make a marketing plan for your blog and trust that results will follow. We recommend posting to your blog at least 1-2 times a week. Oh, and we don’t want to even hear the word “quit” before the 1 year mark. Commit to your blog for at least one year no matter what the results are. It’s that simple!

2. No Blogging Plan

Yes, we’re saying it again. It is absolutely essential for businesses to set a posting schedule when starting a blog. It’s really not too hard to do but will save you lots of time in the long run. How do you create a blogging plan, you ask? First, brainstorm article topics and then schedule out those topics on a 90-day posting schedule. As a result, you will know exactly what days you need to post and when you need to get the content done. Before you know it, blogging will become a part of your everyday routine. It’s that easy.

3. Lack of Good Content

No one wants to read a blog that doesn’t provide useful and compelling content. In order for your blog to be successful, you must offer something to your readers to draw them in and keep them coming back for more. Teach them something. Give them insider information. Share with them some helpful tips. The options are endless really, just make it interesting.

4. Wrong Blogging Platform

When many business owners want to start a blog, they simply create a ‘blog’ page from their existing website. What these individuals do not understand is that a blog should never be just another page of a business’ website. Instead, an entirely different platform, such as Blogger or WordPress, should be used to host the blog itself. These platforms constantly alert the search engines of new content, which is the key to growing your business and attracting new leads.

5. Don’t know their audience

Before you start a blog, or even begin writing a blog post for that matter, you should always ask yourself, “Who am I writing for?” All successful blogs have a specific buyer persona they are speaking to, which in turn, attracts that “ideal” customer you’ve been waiting for.

6. Lack of Keywords

Blogging is written to attract 2 groups: People and Search Engines. If you don’t please one, you won’t attract the other. The most successful blogs tailor towards specific keyword phrases while also making the content conversational and useful to people. Blog titles can be extremely valuable when getting the attention of search engines by using long-tail keyword phrases. At the same time, the body of the blog post should be focused on pleasing the reader. By writing for both, you’ll not only come up in search results but also you’ll gain subscribers and fans because of your fantastic content.

7. Lack of Opinion

Blogs are not research papers. They are not news reports. They are meant to be opinionated. Without opinions, your blog will likely come across as dry and emotionless. Simply write your opinions down and share them with the world.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with fellow business bloggers? We’d love to hear them!


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