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The 7 Best Sources for Free Icon Sets

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When designing a website, any good web designer knows that catchy visuals are essential in grabbing a user’s attention. One of the easiest ways to do this is through icons. The visual breaks in a website design that include icons help guide a user’s attention and makes it easier for them to quickly sum up content.

Because icons are really that important when it comes to web design, today we are sharing 7 of our go-to sources for downloading fantastic (and free) icon sets. Of course you can always design your own icons if you have time and know how, but we’ve found that sometimes, it’s easier just to call on these guys.

#1: 120 Icons from Vincent Le Moign


Download all 120 here

#2: Aircons from Dmitriy Sidorov


Download the light icons here

#3: Pictograms from Jamila Hodges


Download all 70 pictograms here

#4: 80 Tiny Vector Icons from GraphBerry


Download these little cuties here

#5: 57 Icons from Swifticons for Invision


Download the 57 interface icons now for free

#6 Flat Icon Pack from


Download the freebie flat icon pack here

#7: Free Circle Icons by Kenny Sing


Get ’em here!

Which icon set is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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