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Your Customer’s Buying Process and What it Means For Your Marketing Campaigns

Last week on The Inbound Brew blog we covered the basics of Inbound Marketing. For review, inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that focus on bringing visitors in, as a way to get a potential customer’s attention. When done correctly, the basic process of inbound marketing can make your company easily found and practically irresistible […]

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How to Make Sure Your Marketing Campaigns and Strategies are Actually Working

If you are a website owner then the objective of your website is likely to  covert visitors into customers. Are we right? The problem is that often, this is easier said then done…Unless you have the right tools, that is. Measuring and tracking the performance of your website is an essential step to improving your […]

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What is Heat Mapping?

Whether you’re a website designer, marketer, or a small business owner, you can’t focus solely on your website aesthetics. The functionality and performance of your website must be the priority of whatever you produce. After all, what good does a “beautiful” website do if it doesn’t even perform properly? Exactly. That’s why every website owner […]

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