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How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

email marketing campaign Conversion rates have proven email marketing is extremely effective. So why have so many businesses seen such dreary results from email marketing? In short, they’re probably making a few key mistakes. We’re here to tell you what those mistake are and how you can avoid them.

Quality Control

Before email marketing was common practice, businesses owners had to not only write the content for their newsletters but also had to spend a considerable amount of money on printing costs, envelopes, and postage. Chances are, back then they spent a lot more time proofreading their content and updating their customer list to ensure they would get a bang for their buck. In today’s world, we can reach our audiences in a matter of seconds for little to no cost. As a result, many business owners have gotten extremely hasty with the information they are sending out there and who they are sending this content to.

Beat Out Your Competition

While email marketing may unlock a more broad audience, this audience is also getting bombarded with dozens of emails by other businesses and marketers that have caught onto the free and easy form of marketing! This amounts to a lot of competition. To be a successful email marketer, you’ve got to beat out these competition and release fantastic content that stands out from the rest.

Personalize Your Content

One of the easiest ways to do this is by personalizing your emails. Use first names whenever possible. Provide them with information and offers that they genuinely want. It is important for businesses owners to remember that forcing any type of offer or email on a customer will never be received well. Businesses owners should never, under any circumstance, add someone’s name to your subscription list without their consent. If you decide to do this, you will lose that customer’s trust and reputation points.  No bueno!


The key here is to send your customers and subscribers quality and targeted information that they’re actually going to want to read. Just because you can send out an email blast in a matter of seconds that promotes your business, doesn’t mean that you should.

How have you seen success with email marketing? Share your tips with us below! new-to-inbound-marketing

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