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Stories Sell… Here’s Why


Have you ever bought something you didn’t even want simply because you could relate to the person who was selling it? Maybe you bought a box of cookies from the sweet girl next door or a magazine subscription from a struggling student. We’ve all been there. The fact of the matter is and the reason behind this is this:

People like to buy from people.

More specifically, people we can relate to. People we want to help. People we believe in. These factors motivate us to buy and support businesses who we understand. Sometimes it’s less about the product and more about the story and the passion that a business has to offer. The good news about this fact is that every business and every company has a story, including yours.

Share Your Story

Whether your company’s story started in your basement, your car, or at your child’s school, people want to hear your story!If your company’s beginnings are a little less colorful, that’s also OK! Your business has a story too. You tell your story every time you write a blog post, share a social media post, upload a photo, release a white paper. Your story isn’t just where your company started but also where it’s going and what you’re passionate about today. Your social media feed, blog, and website should communicate an ongoing narrative of your story and the passion that started your company.Sharing your story simply means to share your passion. Be real, informative, and relatable. Customers will follow!

How do you relate to your customers? Let us know in the comment section below!


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