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Social Networks and Ecommerce

So, you have been around the block for a while and understand the importance of having a website and a social media page. You are getting results but not the kind of growth you had hoped for. You need to learn a trick or two about social commerce.

Copy the strategy of giants like Nike and eBay who go beyond offering promos and discounts and you could see your business soar.

Now, granted, it is easy to send out a discount voucher, but it isn’t enough. Considering that 87% of consumers say that they use social media to help them decide what to buy, it’s clear that you need to engage with them on the platforms they choose.

Taking social commerce one step further, you can allow clients to buy goods directly off the social media page. It is something that is relatively new but, if you consider the trends that have been identified below, it is clear that it is something that is here to stay.

Users prefer to follow a company on social media rather than on their website. They get easy access to new information and product releases, special offers and content that entertains them as well.

It goes deeper than that, though, customers use these sites to interact with the company, to access the customer service division and to leave feedback. Social media sites are a goldmine, and not just because you can sell your goods on them.

Social media gives you a chance to see what it is that your clients really want and to show them that you care about them and value their opinions. There is nothing that builds brand loyalty quite as quickly or as well as that.

For more fascinating facts about the history of social commerce and the current impact it is having on this world, read through this interesting infographic.

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