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Social Media Marketing for Small Business



When you’re trying to run a business, capture leads, keep up on your personal life, and keep up with all the other demands of life, we understand that social media often falls to the bottom of your priority list. However, it still must be made a priority.

Did you know? Nearly 75% of all Internet users are active on social channels today. They’re sharing opinions and pieces of their world on social networks. They’re talking about what they dislike and more importantly what they do like, which could potentially be your brand! They’re spending a lot of their time on primarily  the social media channels of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you haven’t already, it’s time to tune in on these conversations.

We’re not alone in our belief that social media is important for small businesses. In fact, a survey released by Manta earlier this year said that nearly 50 percent of businesses surveyed had increased their time on social media channels with another 55 percent actively using them for lead generation and customer engagement.  However, despite this focused investment of resources, 60 percent of business owners reported no return on investment. Now why would so many report little to no return?

The answer lies in a number of reason but most commonly, it’s likely because these small business owner were making some rookie mistakes and not aware of some of the core principles behind successful social media campaigns. It’s important for every small business owner to know that their social media accounts should be centered upon providing value. Every single post should provide their audience with something that’s useful, interesting and shareable for your customer base.  All social media posts should also be focused on quality over quantity.  In the end, social media really is a learning process for everyone… And since we’ve been through that process already, we are here to help you and share what we’ve learned.

For the rest of September, we are going to be focusing solely on social media and how they can work like premium fuel for your inbound marketing machine. Stay tuned small business owner! We got your back!


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