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Smart Marketing for Small Business Owners… Now What?



So, you’ve build a robust marketing campaign that is bursting with fresh and innovative content. You’ve got leads knocking on your door left and right! Things are going well! You’re learning that marketing works and you’re officially a believer! High-five to you, small business owner!


So what’s next?


Because of the saturation of online businesses in every industry, your marketing efforts need to be continually smarter than your competitors. Your inbound marketing strategies need to be sharp, personalized, current, unique, and above all, customer-focused. The real secret of smart marketing is always choosing to build all of your campaigns, content, and blog posts around what your customer wants. This, is turn, portrays you and your company less like a shark and more like a friend… And who doesn’t like supporting their friends? When a customer has to choose whether to give their money to a shark or their trusted friend, certainly, they’ll choose their friend (that’s you!)


Ultimately, the success of your company and marketing campaign depends on being able to delight your customers That, my friends, is smart marketing… Or otherwise known as, the secret sauce your small business success.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with inbound marketing or if you just have a general question, give us a hollar! We’re here to help!

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About Inbound Brew

Inbound Brew is a full-service digital marketing, web development, and software development firm, here to help you attract more visitors, convert more leads, and close more customers. We’re a team built to give you everything you need, in the best way possible.           


Founded in 2014 by Chris Fontes and Erik Smith, Inbound Brew has gone from being a basement startup to a respected team of marketing professionals, web developers, and creators of cutting-edge marketing software, The Inbound Brew Plugin.


Inbound Brew is a small business who likes to help small businesses. It’s that simple.


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