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WordPress Plugins and Small Business Marketing

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’re a bit short on time and you also probably lack inbound marketing experience. 

If this rings true for you, we understand! And we are here to tell you how you can essentially eliminate both of these issues from your life. The answer? Marketing Automation in the form of a marketing-specific wordpress plugin. 

These tools are GOLD for small business owners and marketers short on time because they essentially simplify basic marketing tasks with absolutely no coding required. Sounds good right? We thought so! Keep reading this article where we will break down how marketing plugins for wordpress can grow your business and simplify complex marketing tasks.

What’s the Best Marketing Automation Tool for Small Business Owners?

For all you beginners who aren’t sure what a marketing plugin is and why you need one… Ultimately, the real purpose of marketing plugins for WordPress are to automate marketing actions such as social media posting, email campaigns, lead management, landing pages, forms, and buttons. Marketing plugins and marketing automation is essentially software that makes these processes and repetitive tasks easier and more efficient to complete. 

Let us begin this section by saying that not all marketing automation tools are created equally. There are a lot of different options out there that vary in both cost and features. It’s also important to recognize that even the world’s best marketing plugin cannot guarantee marketing success. While a marketing automation tool can streamline your processes and save you (a lot) of time, you still have to have create quality content and put in a consistent amount of effort in order to see success. 

That being said, we’ve tried a lot of different marketing automation tools. Some are good but very expensive. Others are affordable but lack features. After testing plugin after plugin, we decided to put our heads together and create our own marketing automation tool. We wanted our Plugin to be accessible and affordable to any small business but still have all the features one would need to build a successful campaign… And so the Inbound Brew Plugin was born. Obviously we are a bit bias but we think our plugin is both affordable and easy to use without skimping on features. From custom contact forms, CTA’s, email templates, and landing pages, the Inbound Brew Plugin can do it all at no cost to you.

Ultimately the best plugin for your business with be one that helps you drive traffic, educate customers, generate leads, and create customers, in the least amount of time possible. 

If we’ve sold you, simply visit the link below to download Inbound Brew, at no cost to you. Good luck, small business owner! 

Download Inbound Brew


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