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The Dashboard

After you install and open Inbound Brew, the first screen you will see is your Dashboard. This screen is your home base and the first thing you will see every time you open up Inbound Brew. 


Here you can easily navigate to the plugin’s feature, check in on your social media logins and posting history. You can even customize the layout of your dashboard under Settings, located on the left navigation bar.

Before you begin exploring the Plugin, we recommend connecting your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts and then proceed with setting up the key items featured on the right sidebar under “Get Started with Inbound Brew.”  Taking the time to set everything up at the time of installation will save you lots of time later and ensure you are taking full advantage of the Plugin and it’s features.

If you are having trouble setting up or connecting your social media accounts to the social push tool, continue reading for step-by-step instructions below. 

To set up the social push tool:


  • Visit Your Dashboard and connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts on the left hand side of the Dashboard.


  • To manage your social media settings, select “manage” under “Get Started with Inbound Brew” on the right side of your dashboard. From this page you can input your social network URL’s, revalidate, and disconnect your social media accounts.

After you validate your social media tokens, you can begin using the social push tool as you create landing pages and blog posts. From there you can choose when and how many times you would  like the content shared to social media. You can also choose whether or not you want the social media post to published automatically and also determine what page(s) you’d like the social media posted to. From there, you are good to go! Your social media post will now run on auto-drive!

You will also be able to see, edit, and push social media posts as you work within the “Landing Pages” module. 

Helpful Hint:  Want to learn more about inbound marketing? We’ve got tons of free resources and tips, including our eBook, “The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Toolbox: A Comprehensive Guide for Small Business Owners.”

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