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Keyword Management

Optimizing content and targeting keywords and phrases in your website content make it possible for people to find your website through Google and other search engines. Our keyword management tool has the ability to create and save keywords as you write content for a blog post or landing page.


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Add Keywords

To begin adding and managing your keyword, visit the “Keywords” tab from your main navigation bar. Here you can create and save keywords as you write content for a blog posts or landing pages. To manually add a keyword, select “Create New” at the top right. From there simply select the keyword and hit save.


Import Existing Keywords

You can also import existing keywords into keyword management tool. Simply switch over to the “Import/Export” tab on the top right of the keyword table. To import keywords, download this template, fill it out, and upload it to the using the upload tool. You can also easily export your keyword list from this screen. Just click the button below to export a CSV file of all the keywords you are tracking.

Integrate Your Keywords Using the On Page SEO Tool

Once you’ve added and imported your keywords, you can begin integrating into your blog posts and landing pages. When working within landing page and blog posts, you’ll see the keyword tool to the far right of your draft. 

There you can manually add keyword to a post. Simply type a keyword using the form and hit “Enter.” Once you add keywords using this form they be grey. Once you integrate a keyword into a post, that word will turn green. 

Track Your Keywords

Lastly, the keyword management tool tracks and analyzes how your keywords are performing on an ongoing basis. Here you can search and view how many times a keyword is on your website on the main keyword management screen. This particular feature of the keyword management tool is intended to help you organize your data so you can identify your best opportunities and create smart keyword strategies.

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