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Getting Started with Inbound Brew Pro

Just signed up for Inbound Brew Pro? We are thrilled to have you on board! Now that you’ve unlocked essentially every marketing tool you could ever need, let’s get you started! It’s easy, we promise.

Get Started with Inbound Brew Pro in 5 Minutes
Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use.


Of course, the first step is signing up Inbound Brew Pro! Simply visit and complete the signup process!

1.Download your plugin from here from your unique link or login to your account at and download from there.
2. Make sure to have your license key from the bottom of this email ready (also available in your account)
3. Login to WordPress
4. From your Plugins Page, upload and activate Inbound Brew – Pro

After Installation:
1. Read the Getting Started page you were directed to
2. Start the tour!

Remember To:
Enter and validate your license key
Validate your domain and enter your DKIM tokens (look for info on the License Key tab under Settings)
Connect Google Analytics and your social networks
Visit our resource center to read articles outlining how to best use our plugin
Download our Plugin User Guide to fully master inbound marketing!

Helpful Hints:
Requires: PHP 5.4, WordPress 3+, and the PDO PHP extension
don’t worry – most reliable hosts meet this criteria. If they don’t, we strongly suggest changing hosts. Read more about this here
The key to successful inbound marketing is writing content that matters for the people that matter the most to you
We love feedback and are here to help. Drop us a line anytime!
Be prepared to kick some marketing trash

Please let us know if there’s absolutely anything we can do to assist! We’re here to help!, and we can get you generating leads in no time!

-The Inbound Brew Team
[email protected]