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Automatically Push to Social Media

Connect to social media and add social share widget to your pages or posts.

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Our social push tool allows you to schedule your social media posts- both automatically and in advance- and can create on-page sharing widgets for your website or blog.

To set up the social push tool:

Visit Your Dashboard and connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts on the left hand side of the Dashboard. To manage your social media settings, select “manage” under “Get Started with Inbound Brew” on the right side of your dashboard. From this page you can input your social network URL’s, revalidate, and disconnect your social media accounts.

After you validate your social media tokens, you can begin using the social push tool as you create landing pages and blog posts. From there you can choose when and how many times you would  like the content shared to social media. You can also choose whether or not you want the social media post to published automatically and also determine what page(s) you’d like the social media posted to.

You can also automate pushing to social media from the Inbound Brew “Landing Page” tab. These settings can all be find beneath the landing page or blog post draft. Simply adjust the settings for each post and you are good to go! Your social media post will now run on auto-drive!

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