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Our social push tool allows you to schedule your social media posts- both automatically and in advance- and can create on-page sharing widgets for your website or blog.

For marketers and business owners alike, this question can be quite the doozy. Many social media managers struggle to strike the balance of being informative and present vs. annoying. The truth is, we all want to provide value, but we don’t want to go overboard. So how often should you post to your social media sites? It really depends on your industry, what social channel you are posting to, who your customers are, and where they are located… But because that’s probably not quite the answer you were looking for, here is a general key to get you started.


Social Media Posting Frequency Key The numbers below are a good jumping off point for brands and companies who are just getting started with social sharing. The more you experiment and test your social media posting, the more clear it will become what works best for your niche market.

Twitter: 3 times per day
Facebook: 2 times per day, at most
LinkedIn: 1 time per day
Google+: 3 times per day, at most
Blog: 2 times per week
Pinterest: 5 times per day
Instagram: 1-2 times per day


To help you along the way, here is some more specific research supporting these baselines for the social media all-stars: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

How Often Should You Post to Facebook? More isn’t always more when posting to Facebook. A recent study by Social Bakers show that pages with over 10,000 followers were the only pages who benefited from posting more often by getting more clicks per post. For pages with fewer than 10,000 followers, the more often they posted to Facebook, the fewer clicks per post they received. In fact, these smaller companies that posted 60 times a month received 60% fewer clicks per post than those companies that posted 5 times a month. The takeaway here is for most small to mid-size companies to spend more time crafting betterFacebook posts to get as much interaction from a single post as possible. So how often should you post? Obviously there is no ideal number that works for every company but there is a range. If you post fewer than 2 times a week, you are unlikely to engage your audience enough to maintain a social connection with them. In contrast, if you post more than 2 times per day, you will likely to lose engagement. Therefore, we recommend posting to Facebook no less than times per week and no more than 12 times a week as a general rule.

How Often Should You Post to Twitter? Facebook and Twitter are two very different worlds. On Twitter, it is completely acceptable and even beneficial to post up to 3 times a day. After the 3rd tweet, engagement slightly decreases. In fact, another study from Social Bakers that took a random sample of 11,000 tweets found that a frequency of 3 tweets per day was the point where brands saw their highest engagement.

How Often Should You Post to Pinterest? Companies can comfortably post to Pinterest up to 5 times per day. In fact, top brands have experienced rapid growth by posting multiple times day. However, it is important to remember that Pinterest isn’t a social site that will work well for every business. The Takeaway Message The bottom line here is to always be testing, experimenting, and improving when it comes to social media. The line between active and annoying may be slim, but it’s one that you can find with a little experimentation.

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