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Our Best Snapchat Strategies

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Hey Small Business Owner! The time has come… We’re here to tell you that you can no longer ignore Snapchat for your small business. We know, you’ve been hesitating but it is officially time for you to cave. We’re here to tell you the basics so you can get started! 

So open the App store. Download the app. And let’s begin!

Adding Friends

Most people tend to add friends by Username. To do this, all you have to do is simply open Snapchat and tap “Add Friends.” Then, type in the username and tap the plus sign. 

…And viola! You’ve just made yourself a snap chat friend! 

You can also add friends by their unique snap code that can be found on their home screen. To add people by snapcode, first you take a picture of their snap code, open Snapchat, and then tap “Add by Snapcode.” From there, tap the snapcode of the person on your camera roll and hit “Add Friend.”

Share the Snapchat Love!

It’s important you promote your snapchat on your other social media sites as a way to increase your exposure and gain friends! You can share your username or snap link to make this super easy for your customers!

Find Common Interests with Snapchat Users

Make sure you choose a category for your interests that fits your brand well as a way to attract the right leads! Select a category that fits your Snapchat content style.

Use Snapchat to Find and Engage With Users

Also relating to setting a focused interest category, it’s important you connect with the users that have the same interest. On the “categories” tab, there are thousands of users that share your businesses interest! You can even search by keyword. Using this tool is a great way to connect with users and potential leads. Give these users “kuddos” or even follow their page if you’re so inclined! These types of notifications make it more likely that people will follow you back! This type of activity can greatly increase your kudos score and increase your chances of gaining exposure.

Tell us your experience with Snapchat? How have you found success?  Share your experiences and stories in the 16comments below!

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