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Marketing vs. Smart Marketing

smart marketing

So you’ve got a marketing plan in place. You love your business, you want it to succeed, and you’re sitting here reading this blog because you want to become an even better marketer and business owner, yes?

If you answered yes, then we want to give you major props for understanding the importance of online marketing when it comes to promoting and growing your business. Not all business owners do, so that right there is a great start!

Unfortunately, not all marketing is smart marketing. Some business owners who do marketing themselves are trying the best they can but are making some critical mistakes that are holding them back from unlocking the power of online marketing.

The truth is, smart marketing is all about sharing information or an idea with your customers instead of your product. This concept can be hard for many business owners to grasp who don’t fully understand how inbound marketing works.  These business owners market with a self-focused mindset instead of focusing on the wants, needs, and pain-points of their customer.

We see this problem all over the internet, so we’re writing this post to all you devoted, hardworking, and self-starting business owners out there who just need a little education when it comes to really smart marketing.

Smart Marketing Focuses on the Customer

Because of the saturation of online businesses in every industry, your marketing efforts need to be smarter than your competitors. Your efforts need to be sharp, personalized, strategic, unique, and above all, customer-focused. The truth is, your customer doesn’t care one bit about what you want. They care about their needs and wants.

In turn, when you build your marketing strategy, content, and blog post around what your customer wants, it improves how your prospective lead feels about you and your brand. They look at you less like a shark, and more like a friend… And who doesn’t like supporting their friends?

Get the idea? That my friends, is smart marketing.

How to Start Marketing Smart

Step one in smart marketing is to reevaluate your current marketing strategy. Edit and revisit any content that focuses on you instead of your customer.

Also, if you haven’t already, we recommend creating some buyer personas so each time you sit down to write content, you have your ideal customer in mind. As you’re writing, think of them and their needs. Write to them as if they are your most cherished friend. This might sound a little cheesy and over-the-top, but trust us, it works.

What strategies do you implement to market smarter than your competitors? We’d love to hear your experiences!


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