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Love Your Customers: The “Who” of Inbound Marketing


There’s no way around it. In the world of inbound marketing, you must know your customer. We’re even going to take it a step further and say that you must love your customer. We want you to know what their preferences are, where they live, what they’re upset about, how much money they make, and what their current life situation is. We want you to know their needs in terms of your business and we want you to meet those needs.

We’re aware this sounds slightly invasive but when it comes to inbound marketing, this is kindly known as a buyer persona. Simply put, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on research and data about your existing customers.

The process of creating your buyer personas begins with research and a focus on gathering as much information as you can about who your potential customers are and how you can best serve them. Ultimately when it comes to creating buyer personas, the more detailed you are, the better the persona will be. Though this process may seem overwhelming at first, it essentially consists of 4 simple steps:


  • Review Customer Data
  • Talk to Your Customers
  • Identify Your Customer’s Needs
  • Build Your Buyer Personas


Next week on the Inbound Brew Blog, we are going to breakdown this process of creating a buyer persona step-by-step so there’s no mistaking who your customer is… It’s gonna be good! Stay tuned!


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