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INFOGRAPHIC: Does Email Marketing Actually Work?

Prefer words over graphics? No problem. We’ve broken down the facts for you below:

1. If people have signed up to receive emails from your company, it must mean they are interested in what you want to say, therefore the content can be made easily targeted.

2. Emails are a very easy and accessible way to receive communication, people can check their emails while they are at home or while they are out and about.

3. Although social media is the new and popular way to market a business, email marketing is still more commonly used, which means that it surely must be doing something right. Sometimes new doesn’t always necessarily mean better.

4. People still check their email all the time, many people will check it every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. It is one of the first things that most people do at the start of the day, so chances are your email is going to be seen.

5. Social media can work with the email very well, so the two together can be even more powerful.

6. When you use email, you can generate the email with a simple click of a button. All a company has to do is send a promotional email to their subscribers and chances are a certain percentage will buy.

7. It is very easy to personalise emails.

8. With data about your customers, you can segment your subscribers into different groups.

9. Information can be sent out quickly.

10. With email, you are able to keep track of clicks, orders, receipts and other digitally accessible details.

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