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If CMS Were Water, WordPress Would Be Fish

WordPress has changed from just a simple blogging platform to a diverse content management system. Now, this site-building tool gives you the capacity to produce anything from an one-dimensional blog to a completely functional website.

Due to its flexibility, the popularity of WordPress has continued to increase. It is also easy to utilize and has a host of powerful features. A lot of leading organizations ranging from New York Times to eBay Inc. and Forbes run websites powered by WordPress which makes it the most used CMS globally.

In the programming aspect, WordPress is based on MySQL and PHP. Practically all of its functionality stems from the symbiosis of the two, but you don’t need to know even how to open an HTML tag to work successfully with WordPress.

Arguably, the main appeal of this versatile content management system is the perfect balance between tremendous ease of use and unmatched functionality. Even with absolutely no previous experience, getting to know the interface of WordPress takes mere hours, while the huge collection of plugins – exceeding 53,000 – guarantees any functionality you can think of without writing a single line of code.

Check out this infographic to learn some outstanding facts about WordPress and the promising future ahead of the most popular CMS.

WordPress Facts

Original Credit goes to WebsiteBuilder.orggim

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