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How to Write a Blog Post that Attracts

SEO friendly blog posts

After you have invested some serious time researching, writing, and editing a blog post, chances are you’d prefer people to actually read your blog post, correct?

Yeah, us too.

But in order for people to read your blog post, first they must find your blog post… And how do they find it? Most likely through social media and of course, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Crafting a blog post to ensure your content is an SEO-magnet is a strategic process of combining targeted keywords, consistency, and perhaps even a marketing automation tool. Today we’re going to break down on-page optimization for you so that you can start crafting blog posts that attract leads like bees and honey.

Let us begin.

Keywords, SEO, and Blog Posts

Keywords are kind of a big deal when it comes to nailing your SEO strategy. Your blog visitors may not read your blog post and notice the keywords you are using, but you bet your bottom-dollar that the search algorithms will. In order to execute a successful keyword strategy, we recommend you implement the following steps:

  1. Brainstorm a list of targeted keywords you’d like to rank for
  2. Research those keywords to see if you’d actually rank highly
  3. Use that research to nail down a targeted list of keywords
  4. Start incorporating those keywords naturally into your blog posts

You can either do this process yourself or use a marketing automation software like The Inbound Brew Plugin to help do the work for you. No matter what option you choose, each keyword you use should be:

• relevant to your business
• searched for
• not overly competitive

Make sure each blog post you write is targeting only a few main keywords. Find variations and different ways to say an idea and run with it.

Other Tips for Making a Blog SEO-Friendly:

  •  Name your images with keywords
  • Use keywords in your URLs whenever possible
  • Use keywords in your headers
  • Use your keywords enough but not too much (humans first, robots second)

Do you have any tips for us to make our blog more SEO-friendly? Please do share!


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