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How to Score Your SEO

SEO scorecard

If you’ve spent any time marketing a business you’re probably fairly familiar with SEO  and why it matters. However for many  business owners and digital marketers, it can be difficult to put all the pieces together and really understand how their content and website is performing in regards to SEO.

Enter: SEO scorecards.

Easy to understand and a highly effective way to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is staying right on track. Want to learn more? Keep reading.What is an SEO Scorecard?

An SEO scorecard is a quick snapshot of website’s SEO health and also guides you in what you need to do to improve your search engine optimization. These optimizations are intended to not only help search engines understand the content of your website, but also helps improve a user’s experience when visiting your site through the simple steps of fixing 404s and using smart titles and descriptions for your website.

A SEO scorecard does the following:

  • Determines the domain authority
  • Determines the site load time
  • Checks for a sitemap
  • Checks the robots.txt
  • Checks for meta content
  • Checks onsite content
  • Tests keywords

How to Get an SEO Score Your Website

SEO scorecards are a simple way to get a perspective on a website’s SEO. Using a automated system, such as The Inbound Plugin makes this process quick, easy, and extremely helpful. Our SEO analyzer simply crawls your website and then tells you specific things you need to fix. All you have to do is enter in your URL… It’s that easy!

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