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How to Optimize Your Small Business Facebook Reach


Ever wonder why some of your Facebook posts do better than others? Why is it that some of your Facebook posts get all sorts of likes, shares and comments, while others seem to go unnoticed? We’re here to tell you what separates the good posts from the not-so-good posts when it comes to Facebook. 

Who’s Your Audience?

Before you begin reading this post, it’s important you first take a look at your own analytics on Facebook and try to find some trends within your own audience. Every audience for each business is different so it’s important that you’re first clear on who your audience is and what they are looking for in terms of social media posts. 

Good questions to ask yourself when doing this include:

  • What posts does your audience like?
  • Which posts reached a lot of people?
  • Which were hardly noticed? 

Review Your Insights (Regularly!)

When reviewing your Facebook analytics, the best place to start is the “Insights” tab on your Facebook page. This will tell you all the details you need to know about your reach and how each post is performing in terms of likes, shares, and comments. If you look at these numbers regularly, you may start to notice patterns that help you figure out what kinds of posts your audience likes.

The Best Types of Facebook Posts

The success of any Facebook post depends on the length, topic, and the day and time the post was posted. For example, a post on a Monday morning might not do as well as one Wednesday afternoon because it’s a time most people are catching up from the weekend. We cannot stress enough how much the timing of your posts matter. Let’s break this down further.

Best Time to Post on Facebook

The best time to post on Facebook is when there is the least amount of competition. For example, in the evening competition will be low but so will the engagement. For other time slots such as the afternoon, your audience is both more available and more engaged, however there will also be more competition. It’s a matter of testing to find out which day and time will be most effective for your market. It all depends on your audience! 

Have Good Intentions 

It’s important to look at the intent of each post. For example, are your Facebook posts looking to help or inform your followers or simply sell your product. For almost any industry, any Facebook post that pushes the product and is going after a sale will tend to get poor engagement.

Ultimately, to really get a grip on the best types of Facebook posts for your business you need to look at the numbers and get to know your audience! 



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