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How to Create a Landing Page That Actually Converts


A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a potential customer’s information through a form. A well-designed landing page will target a particular audience, so it’s extremely important to build a unique page for each of the offers you create. Essentially, creating landing pages allows you to target your audience, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads.

To help you understand what type of interface your landing page needs to facilitate conversions, we are sharing with you 5 user experience tips you can use to make your landing page as user-friendly as possible.

1. Create an Above-the-Fold Image

Get a lead’s attention with a graphic or image placed at the top of the landing page. Getting a lead to focus on the content is critical in converting them into a customer. Using the right type of image not only makes the product you’re selling more appealing but also gives the user a glimpse into what the product actually looks like.

2.  Use a Clean Layout for Your Landing Page

There’s nothing more unappealing than a landing page that is overcrowded with content, difficult to read text, and poorly executed design principles. It is absolutely necessary to use an appropriate amount of whitespace paired with a strong call-to-action that incorporates a submit button with text.

3. Remove the Navigation Bar and Footer

The goal with landing pages is to keep the customer focused on redeeming your offer, not to distract them away from the page. Removing the navigation and footer helps the user stay focused on the offer at hand, and increases the chance they will continue down the sales funnel. The most effective way to do this is to use a fair amount of white-space, colors, and imagery, that stands out but is also subtle enough to prevent distracting the customer. The most important thing to remember is to clearly communicate the exact message you are promoting.

4. Make Your Landing Page Mobile-Friendly

C’mon people, we are in the year 2015. It’s likely your grandma has as smartphone and it’s a rest assured, people everywhere are surfing the web on their phone and tablets, in addition to their desktop computers. It’s no longer an option, but a must. Now more than ever, especially with Google’s mobile algorithm changing, “mobile friendliness” is crucial for SEO. Google said, “with mobile search growing at 10x the rate of desktop, businesses that don’t have a mobile-ready site stand to lose up to 1/3rd of their traffic.”  We concur. It is crucial for companies to optimize not only their websites but their landing pages so that people can view it on any platform.

5. Test Your Landing Pages

Lastly, it is important to test your landing page. You can do this by developing a couple new designs and running some A/B testing. You’ll find that each variant can drastically affect your bounce rate. 

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