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How to Blog with A Voice: 7 Tips to Get Heard

Writing for a business blog can be tough. Getting your voice heard requires a blogger to balance professionalism, a distinct opinion, and a conversational voice. We’re all humans after all, so let’s start sounding like one. Humanizing your brand is essential in helping your customers connect to your brand. If they relate to you, they will enjoy investing their money and their time into someone that they feel is on their side. Sounds pretty good right?

Yeah, we think so too. Here are 5 blogging tips to get your voice heard:

1. Blog with a Personal and Engaging Voice

Sure, you want to sound credible. You want to to be the expert and a leader in your industry, but does that really mean you have to sound like a business-writing robot? Absolutely not! You don’t need to negotiate the need of a human element for the sake of sounding like an expert. You can still provide professional and educational content that incorporates an engaging and personal tone. Not only will you gain credibility but also brand loyalty… Double bonus!

2. Speak in Your Customer’s Language

No matter who your customer is, they don’t want to hear corporate-talk, big words they don’t understand, or pesky sales jargon. I mean, do you like reading that kind of content? We didn’t think so. Make sure the content you’re writing is educational but also easy enough for your most basic customer to understand. Oh and we’ll give you bonus points if you can strike an emotional cord with your your customer. The better you understand your customer, the easier it will be for you to appear more “human” to them.

3. Focus on Offering Resources

Inbound Marketing is all about giving your viewers something of value, without the sales pitch. It’s about gaining trust and creating a relationship with your leads, and converting them to loyal customers and brand promoters, all through your fantastic, one-of-a-kind content. So leave your sales pitch at home and provide your visitors with content that they actually want to consume.

4. Stay Active on Your Blog

Obviously to get heard you actually have to create content. This can be hard to keep up with at times but is an essential step in showing an active and human side to your company. Not only does consistently posting to your blog help with SEO, it also allows readers to see that you’re current, active and educated, which gives you more credibility.

5. Have Good Manners

Have good manners when blogging, just like your mama taught you. We all make mistakes, which means businesses make mistakes. It’s important to apologize if for any reason your company has dropped the ball somehow. Addressing the situation with sincere apology and offering a potential solution is something your customers will appreciate is much better than a customer having to come to you with their complaints.

It’s also important to make sure you thank your fans and customers often. A little gratitude goes a long way, whether it’s through a thank you email or a simple Facebook shout-out… Make your mama proud and just say thanks.

Your turn– How do you make your voice heard?

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