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How Keyword Management Helps SEO


Writing smart website and blog content for SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. Though however essential this may be, finding just the right keywords and then organizing them can often take a lot of time… Time that you probably don’t have.  We know the feeling well, and that’s why we are here to tell you about a tool that can make your research so much easier. Enter your new best friend: Keyword Management.

What is Keyword Management?

Keyword management is a dynamic approach to finding, analyzing, and organizing a large numbers of keywords. The goal of keyword management is to prioritize and rank keywords that will build your SEO campaign.

What Does Keyword Management Do?

  • Traditional Keyword Discovery: Keyword management gives relevant keyword suggestions by providing and recommending synonyms and long tail options
  • Personalized Keyword Research: Keyword managements also analyzes your current site and uncovers the words and terms people are already using to find your site
  • Content Authoring: Keyword management connects your keyword research to your WordPress drafts to give while-you-write tips and recommendations
  • Keyword Tracking: Keyword management also tracks and analyzes how your keywords are performing on an ongoing basis
  • Keyword Organization: Keyword management helps you organize your data so you can identify your best opportunities and create smart keyword strategies.

Why Do You Need a Keyword Management Solution?

It’ll save you lots of time and will help you write smarter, more relevant content that yield more traffic and better results.  It’s that simple.

Getting Started with Keyword Management

We suggest you stop wasting time on keyword research and start using our system. You find a list of keywords, and we’ll tell you which ones to target… All for free using the Inbound Brew Plugin.

Ready to get started?

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