Inbound Marketing is Now Simpler than Ever
with Inbound Brew Pro

Our plugin makes it ridiculously easy to bust out marketing campaigns in as little time as possible.

CTA Generator

Call To Actions (CTAs) create a entice your visitors to dig deeper. With Inbound Brew Pro, you get a CTA builder, the ability to upload your own image, a Top Bar CTA, and Before you Leave popup CTAs.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages have one purpose – tell them what they are going to get for giving you their email address. And with Pro, there is no coding or FTP required to get your Landing Pages off the ground!

Contact Forms

Create custom Contact Forms, including custom fields, and capture the information you care about.

Lead Scoring

Let the system help dictate how hot a lead is. With lead scoring, you decide how a lead should be ranked based on the interactions they’ve had with you. Viewed a “buy it now” page? Score them high!

Custom Emails &
Drip Campaigns

Create custom emails and then automatically enroll leads into drip campaigns so you can easily stay in contact with your leads at the frequency you determine. If the lead happens to take an action that is tied to a more aggressive drip campaign (like downloading an eBook, etc), you have them automatically moved into the next campaign! Basically you just sit back and relax as your leads drive themselves down your marketing funnel.

Push to Social

You spend time on your blog posts and pages, but you shouldn’t have to spend time on posting those to your social accounts. Our premium plugin can automatically post to your social media accounts either immediately, or on a schedule, and as many times as you want!

Built-In Analytics

We gather the most important analytics for you and display them right on the dashboard. In 10 seconds or less, you can see what has been working, what hasn’t, and decide what you should be doing today to maximize your time!

Technical SEO

The technical side of SEO can be confusing. Delegate the tricky stuff to the plugin from Sitemaps, Robots.txt files, redirects and more.

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