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Facebook Marketing: A Step-By Step Guide


Out of all of the social media channels, Facebook is the most popular and widely-used of them all. In fact, every second there are 20,000 people on Facebook at any given time. That number alone just screams opportunity in terms of social media marketing and growth for your company! In the average 40 minutes a day Americans spend on Facebook, you could be capitalizing on that time by converting leads into customers. So where do you begin? We’re here to tell you. Consider this a Facebook marketing cheat sheet from us to you.


Step #1: Create Your Brand Page

First you must create a brand or business page. Make sure the images, text, and information you use to fill your page reflect and communicate your company’s brand and ideology.  You can do this visually by customizing the following tools:

  • Cover photos (product images, slogans, original image, etc)
  • Profile picture (most commonly your logo)
  • Albums and uploads (product variety, location, experiences, etc)

Step #2: Build Out Your “About” Section

It’s important you spend some time building out your “About” tab. Tell your customers where you’re located, your contact information, and most importantly, tell them about your company and it’s history. The Facebook “About” sections is a great place to include and highlight any important awards or milestones your company has received or accomplished.

Step #3: Regularly Post to Your Timeline

It’s important you create an online presence for your company. One of the easiest ways to do this is by posting to your timeline. You can post a variety of materials from linked articles, to blog post shares, images, memes, and even videos. Have fun with it, post a variety of content, and do it on a regular basis.

Step #4: Page Tabs

Tabs are a great way to bookmark important information for your visitors and customers on the top navigation bar of your timeline. You can “tab” anything from business apps, websites, and even your e-commerce store.

Step #5: Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are not mandatory to see Facebook success but they can certainly give you a boost. You’ll at least want to consider running advertising and paid promotions. The types of Facebook advertising you can utilize include:

  • Sidebar advertisements
  • Sponsored posts
  • Offer Claims
  • Event Responses

These different advertising can help you drive traffic back to your website, encourage page likes, increase app installs, expand brand awareness, and/or encourage users to redeem offer claims depending on which option you choose. The results you see from Facebook ads not only depend on the type of advertising that you choose, but also how you choose to target that ad as well as the ad presentation. Make sure you include an image with every advertising campaign you undergo to catch users’ attention and optimize the results.


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