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Content Management and Inbound Marketing

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With the popularity of inbound marketing rapidly growing, having someone managing your content is essential for your business. 

It is all too common to see companies with a strong desire to become the thought-leaders in their industry fall short because they do not have someone managing their content marketing. 

It is vital to have someone take full ownership both of your content production and distribution. Companies that have multiple people trying to contribute to their inbound marketing, in addition to their other responsibilities, often fall short of their full potential.  

Having a designated person managing your direction, content calendar, and marketing schedule will streamline the process and maximize the value of your inbound marketing efforts.

So who is the best person to take the lead?

Journalists (or people with similar skill sets) may be a good place to look. They are great interviewers, writers, and editors. A good journalist does not have to be an expert on any matter as they can interview the product expert you have on staff and take the relevant information to turn into shareable content. Their writing and editing skills make them masters at creating interesting and engaging material. 

Finding the right person can be difficult, time consuming and expensive; However they are well worth the investment.

However, many companies are not in a position to bring on a full time marketer. Not to mention knowing how to manage a new position you are not familiar with can be stressful. Many businesses and individuals aren’t sure where to even begin starting up their inbound marketing plans.  If you find yourself in that position, thankfully there is a solution out there for you. 


Experienced, innovative, and responsive marketing professionals that can help you kick start your marketing strategy the right way with a personalized and unique plan.

We specialize in product research and content production. Our staff consists of experienced inbound marketers and journalist who we match to your companies needs and direction. We understand the unique aspects of your business as an essential part of your company’s marketing success. We understand that no marketing strategy should ever be “one size fits all.” Instead, our marketing professionals develop a specialized marketing plan for your business so you can rest easy, focus on your business, and know that your marketing efforts are working for you like a well-oiled machine.

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