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Content is Inbound Marketing King: Blogging and SEO

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So, you’ve created your buyer personas. You know and love your customer. You understand the key processes behind inbound marketing, lead capturing, and CTA’s… So what comes next?

Content. Content. And more content.  Content is what drives people to your website or blog. Content is where your weave targeted keywords that will help you rank better for search engines. Content is what makes customers become promoters of your brand. So where exactly do you create and publish all this content?

Your business blog. And yes, you must have one. Why, you ask? Essentially, blog content is the inbound marketing king. Here are 8 reasons why:


  1. Business blogging is fantastic for SEO in terms of ranking higher in search engines
  2. Business blogging is an opportunity to target specific keywords
  3. Business blogging allows you to share your company message and philosophy with the world and can help you create a whole network of followers and brand promoters
  4. Business blogging can serve as a very gratifying creative outlet
  5. Business blogging is a great place to educate others about your product and industry
  6. The research you do for your business blog posts will only expand your industry knowledge, making you even more of an industry expert
  7. Business blogging allows you to connect with your customers all around the world
  8. Business blogging improves your writing and communication skills


See what we mean? Business blogs win! Just remember, each time you sit down to write a blog post, your ideal customer should be at the forefront of your mind. As you begin writing, think about their needs and pain points. Write to your customers as if they are your most cherished friend. This might sound a little cheesy and over-the-top, but trust us, it works.


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