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Commanding Attention vs. Demanding Attention

Commanding attention vs demanding attention Which would you prefer a business to do: Command your attention or demand your attention? If you answered command your attention, then you answered that question correctly. The fact of the matter is, most businesses mistakenly (or maybe even not-so-mistakenly) demand attention by sending emails you never signed up for, pestering you with phone calls, and by interrupting your precious TV time with advertisements. Annoying right? Do these methods make you want to support these businesses? Do they fill you with love and support for these companies? Most of the times, absolutely not! When you demand a customer’s attention, you’re simply interrupting them and forcing information on them. Typically, this method is not received. We repeat, this method is not received well. That’s why it’s absolutely essential, especially for small businesses, to command attention, instead of demand it.

How to Command Your Customer’s Attention

Commanding attention is essentially earning attention. In order for you to command attention from your customers, you have to do something that either attracts them or informs them. This often takes a lot of time and creativity, but the results are worthwhile. The choice is yours. You can either demand, interrupt, or engage your customers. Just ask yourself, which one do you prefer?

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