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All About Duplicate Content and SEO


Any marketing guru knows that duplicate content is a big “no no.” There’s nothing that search engines dislike more than seeing content that appears on the internet in more than one place! In search engine terms, it’s difficult determine which content is more relevant. If this is all new information to you, have no fear! Today we are going to tell you all the basics of duplicate content and what to avoid!

Duplicate content is material that appears on the Internet in more than one website. Search engines love original content and consider it to be the best. Therefore, those sites with duplicate content will often confuse search engines and will in turn, result in search engines not showing these pages in search results. 

Essentially, duplicate content puts search engines in a grey area that makes it difficult to determine the trust and authority of a website.

That being said, we can’t stress enough that when your site has duplicate content, it could suffer greatly in terms of rankings and website traffic. 

But What About the Times I Really Feel Like My Page Needs Duplicate  Content? 

There are some ways around this however, because we understand that in some cases, you may want to pull a quote or use some sort of content that is sited. In these circumstances, this content must be canonicalized for search engines. This can be accomplished using a 301 redirect to the original URL using the rel=canonical tag. This will essentially set up a redirecting of search engines from the duplicate page to the original page so it is filed correctly.

Basic Rules of Duplicate Content

With this information, we hope you consider using smart tactics as you create content so that you are not penalized by search engines for having duplicate content.  Remember, always add a backlink to the original content when using or citing an external link and/or content.  

Ultimately, the goal is to obviously minimize any duplicate or similar content. Don’t just do it for the search engines! Do it for your customers, your brand!  Create one-of-a-kind content that makes your customer sing your name! Originality is the key to any successful marketing campaign.

Don’t hold back, small business owner! 

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