Inbound Brew Affiliate Terms

Inbound Brew Affiliate Terms

Thank you for your interest in the Inbound Brew Affiliate Program! Please review the following terms and conditions.

You will be provided with Inbound Brew materials to assist you in marketing and promoting Inbound Brew Pro. These materials may only be used in their approved format for their intended use.

To join the affiliate program, visit the 
The Inbound Brew Affiliate Hub to submit your information, agree to the Inbound Brew Affiliate Contract, and become eligible to receive monthly commission. Once you create your affiliate account, simply share your unique campaign URL or submit your affiliate referral to using the form by sharing and our account executives will take it from there.

Affiliates commissions are calculated on the 1st of the month for the previous month. Any payments made from clients referred by the affiliate in the previous month will: 

  • dictate which tier the affiliate falls into;
  • and be summed together for the payment calculation.

Please note: customers who failed to pay, canceled, are in a trial period, or have expired payment methods will not be tallied for the tier nor for commissions. Additionally, if a coupon code was used to lower the customer's required payment, the actual paid amount is used for commission - not the original invoice amount.

Commissions are not credited for any referrals currently in discussion with Inbound Brew. If multiple referrals are submitted for the same company, Inbound Brew will reward the partner who submitted the first referral form.

The Inbound Brew Affiliate Program and their compensation rates are outlined below:

     Tier One: 0-50 referrals 5% commission
     Tier Two: 50-100 referrals 7.5% commission
     Tier Three: 101+ referrals 10% commission

Payments will be made on the 20th of each month for the previous month’s commissions, however, Inbound Brew reserves the right to pay commissions earlier. Currently, commission distributions will be sent as a check.

Any resulting compensation from the Inbound Brew Affiliate Programs is the sole responsibility of the affiliate, or any other entity receiving compensation. Any individual participating in the affiliate partner programs must agree to supply the information necessary for Inbound Brew to issue the appropriate tax documentation for any compensation earned during the calendar year. A partner or agency’s participation in the Inbound Brew Affiliate program, including any disputes arising out of a partner or agency’s participation in such programs, shall be governed by the Inbound Brew privacy policy and service agreement.