Inbound Brew provides a WordPress inbound marketing plugin, offering SEO and content marketing tools, completely free 

All about us

Our Beginnings

Founded in 2014 by Chris Fontes and Erik Smith, Inbound Brew has gone from being a basement startup to a respected team of marketing professionals, web developers, and creators of cutting-edge marketing plugin for WordPress, The Inbound Brew Plugin.

Our Philosophy

We’re a small business who likes to help small businesses. It’s that simple. We’ve been in your shoes. We understand the problems you face. And we want to help. Here at Inbound Brew, we're dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses flourish... All with the Inbound Brew Plugin.


What We Do

In addition to our marketing, design, and development services, Inbound Brew developed The Inbound Brew Plugin for WordPress, a tool that helps small businesses and marketers save time and drive sales. Essentially, everything we do at Inbound Brew is driven by our commitment to help you convert leads to sales.

Who We Help

We’ve worked with small to mid-size companies achieve their marketing goals in just about every industry! In addition, Inbound Brew also offers a free marketing plugin to businesses and individuals across the globe who want to drive traffic, increase revenue, and maximize efficiency.


“What Can We Help You With?”

Inbound Marketing

Web Design

Web Applications

Web Hosting

The Inbound Brew Plugin


Basically, we do it all.

So, what are you waiting for?