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8 Tips for Creating a CTA that Beckons



Last week we covered the basics of CTA buttons and it was pretty straightforward, right? You’ve got this, small business owner! But before you get started in making beautiful buttons of your own, we want to share our top tips for creating a CTA that coverts.


8 Tips for Creating a CTA that Beckons:

  1. Make your CTA noticeable with an eye-catching design
  2. Use a clear and concise phrase that includes a strong verb
  3. Provide an appropriate amount of white space around your CTA
  4. Don’t use too many CTA’s on a single web page
  5. Focus on the text of your CTA, not the design
  6. Change the text on your CTA frequently
  7. Make sure you are clear in what your customer will get in exchange for clicking the CTA
  8. Link the CTA to a specific landing page to drive the customer down the sales funnel


Essentially, creating a call-to-action button is all about helping your customer focus on the benefit of clicking on that pretty little button of yours. Put the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time, and you’re golden!



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