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5 Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List

Hey marketing rockstars! Today we are back with 5 MORE fantastic ways that are a surefire way to attract new leads to your business and in turn, grow your email list AND improve your SEO! 

All at the same time! YAS! 

If you’re as pumped about lead generation as we are right now, make sure you didn’t miss last week’s blog post where we shared 5 MORE lead generation ideas that will attract quality leads to your business.

Read it here. 

Without further ado, here are 5 lead magnet ideas you can take advantage of (immediately!) to grow your small business. 

Product Teaser or Sample

Some people need to see what you really have to offer, which is why a product teaser or sample is a great option.

Depending on what it is that you offer, you might be able to send them a product teaser by email. You might also have a physical sample that you can send off in the mail.

If you have something that can arrive in their mailbox as opposed to their inbox, it’s a strong lead magnet because they get to hold it in their hands.

Offer a Free Trial

Seeing is believing for many people. This is why a free trial works like a charm when it comes to lead magnets.

People will often jump at the chance to enter their email address and join your newsletter if it means that they get to try out a service for free. This could be software, a financial service, or anything else.

Let them check out what you do for free for a day, a week, or longer and see how easy it is to convert them after that.

Offer Coupon or Discount Code 

People love to save money – and the sooner you acknowledge that, the easier it will be to get leads. Offer up a coupon or a discount in exchange for the lead information.

It’s a discount you probably would have been willing to offer anyways, but you get to capture their information at the same time

VIP Status: “Members Only” Content

People enjoy exclusivity. If you promise that there is members-only content available to them, they will want that content. If that means sharing their name and email address, many will jump at the opportunity.

Offer a Free Consult

Many people want to know exactly what they can get from your company. As such, offering a free consult is a great way to promote your business and have a one-on-one discussion with people who are interested in what you have to offer.

How do you attract leads to your small business? Please do share! 

And as always, come back next week for FIVE MORE fantastic lead generation ideas. Trust us when we say, it’s goooooood.

Thanks for sharing your secrets with us, Mel! 


Mel Devent is a professional blogger who enjoys writing about all things digital marketing. She is currently working as a Marketing Associate at Blogger Sidekick, helping small businesses build authority brands with content marketing. 




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