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5 Important Things You Should Do AFTER Your Website Launch


So you’ve just spent countless hours writing, wireframing, designing, and editing your fantastic new website. You hit publish, the website goes live, and you think you can mentally check your website off the list for a while… Right?

No, not right! There are some critical steps every business owner must take after their website goes live to ensure that their website is performing properly and efficiently.

So without further ado, here are 5 important things to do AFTER your website goes live:

1. Start Heat Mapping

Heat maps help you understand how your website visitors interact and respond to your website. By installing heat map software, such as the Inbound Brew Plugin, you can learn where your users are clicking and spending their time. This helps you see what areas of your website are doing well and which ones need a little more TLC.

2.  A/B Testing

After your site goes live, it’s time to start some A/B testing. A/B testing compares two versions of the same website to see which one performs better. This helps you make the most out of your existing traffic by telling you how elements of your website are performing.

To learn more about A/B testing, read this blog post in our archives

3. Talk to Your Website Users

Sit down with real people and ask them how they like your website. Is it easy to navigate? Do they like the content? Is the site aesthetically pleasing to them? These are all questions to ask people outside of your business.

4. Review Your Goals

Aaahhh the goals. Remember those things you set before your website design process even began?

Well, it’s time to look those goals over again and make sure you’re following through and that nothing has fallen through the cracks. Compare old website statistics to new ones to see what is (and is not) working.

5. Keep Evolving

The best websites are organically growing, changing, and evolving. The truth is, even the best website is never really “done.”  As your company changes and grows, so should your website.

How do you keep your website current and interesting to your users? We’d love to hear in the comment section below!


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