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3 Ways to Create Urgency in Your Marketing Campaigns

Commanding attention vs demanding attention


Imagine this scenario. You’ve been shopping online for a couch for weeks and you finally find the perfect one. You immediately add the couch to your cart only to find the words “Act now! Only 2 left!” alongside your dream sofa. So what do you do next? Do you turn off your computer and walk away, or do you frantically enter in your credit card number and click “Place Order” before someone else beats you to the punch? Chances are, you snatched that couch right up without hesitation.

There’s a psychological reason behind why we do what we do in situations such as this. It’s a key feature of the human brain and it’s called urgency. Urgency one of the most powerful forces of human brain because it prompts us to make decisions and to act quickly. So why does urgency matter when it comes to marketing and content curation?

The answer is simple. Marketers who create a strong sense of urgency on their website, white papers, social media posts, and landing pages prompt their customers to take action. Websites that implement smart strategies relating to the psychology of urgency tend to have conversion rates that speak for themselves. There are several simple ways that marketers can prompt and accelerate their customers decision-making process through the smart use of marketing tools within their content.

Keep reading to find out how.

1. Create a Sense of Scarcity with Your Content

We all want what we we can’t have, right? This is due to the principle of scarcity. When a potential lead is not able to obtain what they want, when they want it, it tends to make the lead want it even more. This feeling of scarcity is something you can easily create by creating a sense of scarcity with your content. This tactic is best illustrated in terms of downloadable content. If you write a fantastic white paper and upload the entire paper to a blog post, a lead could potentially just skim right past it because the content is readily available and accessible to them at anytime. In contrast, if you create a blog post that teases just how incredible your new white paper is, but don’t provide the actual content, your lead will likely want that content more, creating a sense of scarcity.

2. Increase Urgency Through Difficulty

This tactic may seem a bit counterintuitive but one way to create a sense of urgency in marketing is to create some level of difficulty for your lead. While we want our websites and landing pages to function smoothly and properly, the best marketers know that people value something greater if they had to work for it. This specific principle is called “The Theory of Effort Justification” and is extremely applicable to marketing. By creating a CTA button or slight obstacle between your lead and the content they want, i.e., simply filling out a form, they will not only want your content, but they will interpret it as being more valuable. Custom forms and buttons automatically increase the sense of urgency to a customer, prompting them to overcome an “obstacle” and achieve an objective.

3. Use Time-Related Words

A simple yet high-effective way to create a sense of urgency in marketing is through the use of time-related words throughout your marketing content. Words like “Today” or “Download Now!” cause people to think urgently and make one more likely to take action. This is key for when you have downloadable content you want your leads to download in exchange for their email address or other information. For example, when you create a CTA button for your latest and greatest white paper, instead of having the text simply say words such as “Download”, “Read More”, or “Discover” simply add a time-related word such as “Download Now” or “Contact Us Today” to create a sense of urgency.

Some other examples of time-related trigger words to weave into your content and CTA buttons include:


Now pair those words up with words like “eventually” and “later” and see how they perform in terms of creating a sense of urgency.

…Our point exactly! Urgency is a real thing.


One essential characteristic of a successful marketer is an understanding of how and why customers think and act the way that they do. One key psychology principle that ties into marketing is urgency. Incorporating principles of scarcity, a ticking clock, and the use of time-related words will create and fuel a sense of urgency that your marketing leads simply can’t refuse.

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