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10 Website Tricks that Encourage Social Sharing

social media share website hacks What’s a social media strategy without a blog or website to help you promote it? If you think it’s a “good enough” one, think again. A common mistake marketers and business owners make is to only focus on the content strategy they’re using when posting to social media. They forget (or perhaps they don’t even know) how large of an impact their website design has on not only the amount of social shares but the impact their website can have in growing their network. That’s why today we are sharing 10 easy ways that you can make sure your website is working for you and your social media strategy.

10 Website Tricks that Encourage Social Sharing

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  1. Be available on a variety of different networks so your customers can connect with you in a variety of ways
  2. Make your social media follow buttons for those social networks easily visable on your website
  3. Make your buttons stand out
  4. Social sharing buttons (pin it, email, share) should be in prominent, easy to find places
  5. Download a button share plugin such as Digg Digg so that your share buttons scroll down as your reader scrolls down
  6. Embed tweets into your posts so readers can easily retweet or favorite your posts
  7. Use a variety of high-quality images that people will want to pin
  8. Utilize the hover “pin it” button so visitors can pin as they go
  9. If people are sharing your posts, don’t be afraid to include social share buttons that include numbers
  10. Make your content presentable and you make it shareable

What are your best social sharing tips? What has worked (and not worked) for you? Tell us in the comments below! extra-marketing-hand

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