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10 Ways to Rock it on Twitter

We often hear from business owners (and sometimes even marketers) that they just don’t really “get” Twitter. This may because Twitter can be a hard place to gain traction if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

Regardless, people are using Twitter. And they’re using it frequently. Did you know approximately 6,000 Tweets are published each second?

So if Twitter isn’t working for you, chances are you’re just not doing it right… But have no fear, we’re here to help. Here are 10 ways twitter tips that can help you become the Twitter rockstar you were meant to be.

10 Ways to Rock it on Twitter

  1. Use verbs and adverbs in your Tweets to boost performance and engagement
  2. Use mentions. The company or individual will likely engage and respond or even retweet
  3. Include article quotations in your tweets and then link the article
  4. Include statistics in your tweets. Studies show tweets with data perform very well
  5. Keep your tweets short and sweet
  6. Share newsworthy and timely content
  7. Imply trends and popularity in your tweets in regards to your product and how much everyone loves it
  8. Start the conversation by asking a question and you’ll likely get some answers (and replies!)
  9. Point out a problem to your followers and be the solution
  10. Convey positivity and enthusiasm in your tweets to build excitement

How did you master the art of the Tweet? Share your secrets!

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